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We look forward to every challenge!

Our goal is to be the world leader in the development of state-of-the-art plastic closures.

We live the idea of "German Engineering" and we are proud of our highly motivated employees, who are giving their best every day to bring this thought into reality. In Cooperation with our customers, we develop customized products for highest quality requirements.



Kutterer Mauer AG - Sustainability for a livable future

We - The Kutterer Mauer AG - take responsibility for the protection of our environment and pay close attention to the ethical behaviour of our employees, suppliers and customers. So that future generations will have a future worth live for.
The use of plastics has become indispensable in our modern world. Therefore, it is even more important to focus on storage, recycling and energy-saving processing. The closures are already being optimized in the development process with regard to their weight, in order to use as much as necessary but as little as possible raw materials. Therefore it is more important, to focus on the economiy, material recycling and energy-saving processing. The caps are already optimized in the development process with regard to their weight in order to use as much as necessary, but as less as possible raw materials.

We use an energy management system and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001. Our goal is to convert all plants to CO2-neutral production by 2020 and to meet our energy requirements from regenerative sources.

As a member of the GKV, we have committed ourselves to its strict Code of Conduct, which also clearly reflects our social demands to our work.

Further information about the GKV Code of Conduct






We are proud that our employees are committed to volunteering. One of our employees, is a member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Erfurt, at the Audit Committee for process mechanics. Not only the economy, but also the society, benefit from the volunteer work.


High quality

Kutterer Mauer AG - We stand for high quality standards

Quality assurance is especially important at Kutterer Mauer AG. For this reason, we are already examining all aspects during product development in order to avoid errors in production. In addition, the entire supply chain needs to meet the highest quality requirements from raw material suppliers to the suppliers of our machines.

In our production, modern integrated QS systems ensure our high quality standards. Additionally, our quality management staff will subject each batch to a detailed manual check. Only if we are absolutely convinced of the quality, the products leave our house.

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